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General Information

The TCB-3 family contains two products, the TCB316 and the TCB332.

The TCB316 (previously referred to as the original TCB-3), is a 16 port slimline unit. It squeezes 16 channels into a 1.75", or 1U, high space.

The TCB332 is a 32 port unit. Its is 3.50", or 2U, high.

The official homepage for the TCB-3 is


TCB-3 Manual - Click on the link to view the TCB-3 manual. If it loads in your browser and you wish to save a copy to your computer, right-click on the link and select "Save Link As..."

Tutorial for Remote Control Interface - Click on the link to view a tutorial describing how to use RCI.


Please see TCB316 Firmware Updates for more information.


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